Project/Content Folder Management

I am having a bit of a problem with my project.

I am using the Third Person template and I have set up my own folders to manage my files in the content browser. I have deleted all other folders and files that came with the Third Person template (Geometry, ThirdPersonBP) I have saved all the Blueprints I need from the template as my own in their own folders, yet when I load up my project the template folders come back with all the files, my own folders and files are still there and all changes I’ve made to my project are still also saved and are there but I was wondering is there a way to stop this from happening?

All I want is my own folders and files I’ve made to stay, the template files that I no longer need I want them deleted and removed from my project, is this possible?


You may hove to go into your file explorer and delete the files/folders yourself.
I have not had a problem deleting files inside UE4.10.


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Ahh thanks man!

That did the trick. I was removing them from the Content Browser but they were still in my project folder.