Project Combine AI-Demo Part 2

Part 1 is here : FPS Tactical AI Demo ( WIP ) - Showcase - Epic Developer Community Forums

Simple demo of AI-Progress for Project Combine using only Behavior Tree and Blueprint to code the logic.

Module now has added distance-based cover processing

  • AI now can use multiple types of weapon. As shown in Demo, AI is using SMGs , Shotgun and Grenade Launcher.
    -Multi-directional calculation for cover selection. Takes into account of multiple enemies.
    -Goal-based movement ( shown by the Icon )
    -Scoring-based cover node for better cover selection. Scores can be added in modularly, currently only direction is added. Next objective will be to factor in weapon’s optimum range in cover scoring.

Also added a feature so that goal becomes player. ( demonstrated at the beginning ) .

Short note:
This isn’t a recruitment thread but we’re looking for talented 3D Artists, we’re developing an FPS/RTS Hybrid.
PM if interested.

Epic! - Pun intended

Sweet. Concept and prototype seem really solid and fresh.