Project Celestial Space Survival playing on a Spherical World. (VR)

Celestial is an open world space survival which is playing on a Spherical world.
explore an open free area of 1200 square kilometers no invisible walls or borders to stop you.

Story (WIP)
You are a Physicist Astronaut who is tasked with testing the first ever Warp drive created by Humankind, after a routine check on the drive Houston gives you the go to start the test, you were only supposed to jump for a few seconds and only a few 100k km, but something during the test goes wrong the drive starts to overheat and an abyss looking like a black hole starts to emerge in front of your ship. the next thing you remember is waking up next to an unknown planet, your ship has nearly no energy left so you decide to crash land on the planet.

Download at GameJolt

VR is currently only supporting the Oculus Rift.


1 - Weapon
2- Tool
F - Interaction
J - Toggle Ambient Music
L - Hide Hud
Tab- Inventory content + Compass pointing back home
O - to enable VR
R - to reset the view

F - to enter and exit
2 - to switch from 3rd Person to 1st Person

VR - Oculus
A - Jump
B - Sprinting
X - Toggle inventory, attached to the weapon
Y - Reset View
Right Trigger - Shoot
Left Trigger - Interact
Right/Left Grip to switch between weapon and tool

Right Stick
X Strafe left and right

Left Stick
X Turning
Y Walking

Patch notes

you can always keep your save files, simply copy this directory to the new build (Celestial/Celestial/Saved)

The planet does now reflect light onto the Surface.
worked on post-processing.
worked on Lighting.

fixed AI stuck in the ground.

Added 3 New Biome textures.
Added a new craftable item.
Added the first iteration of grass foliage.
Added a new Skybox, now it does finally turn again.
tweaks to the Oxygen usage.
tweaks to the Character movement speed.
tweaks to the Enemy AI movement speed.
tweaks to the Enemy AI hit box.
fixed unable to destroy resources.

“R” key does now also reset the pitch to align with the current rotation.

Added VR Support (does only support Oculus, press O while in game)
Added a Workbench to craft items.
Added new Resouce Silizium.
Added new rock models.
Added new ground rock textures.
Changed some Oxygen usage settings.


Added big rocks to the Landscape.
Added Textures to a few widgets.
Added a custom coordinates function to make it easier finding points of interest.
Added an Artifact showing points of Interest.
Added new Seeker ai Model.
Improved Terrain shader from ~700 Instructions to ~400.