Project cannot be packaged after migrating to UE4.18.2

Hi, C++ masters,

I just upgraded to v4.18.2 on Linux.
My v4.17.2 environment could package for Linux & Android without any problems.
After I fetched the source code and built v4.18.2, I open a 4.18 project to package it.

The UE4Editor just show me the webpage of “Cross-Compiling for Linux,” it really make me feel frustrated because so much time spent on buliding 4.18.2
But if I start an empty C++ project, packaging suddenly works without problem.

Does anyone know how to persuade UE4.18.2 that my toolchain is fine for the existing project?

PS: I did run for Makefile or others and also rebuild related shared objects files. There is NO extra plugins involved in this project.