Project Bullet Time (from scratch)

I have setup a new project for myself. It incorporates Bullet Time in the gameplay of EpicSurvivalGameSeries (…ries/tree/4.22) including multiplayer functionality. I am hoping towards the Max Payne 3 combat style

Since I am new to this concept (codingwise), I will start with some research and public discussions. To me, it seems, that the DeltaTime of entire level and all the actors except that of playercontroller is dilated. Does UE provide scope of such manipulations or I have to code it manually?

Let me know if there are experienced viewpoints on the subject.

Ok first part is easier than I thought. I set the keybinding with the following code

        bIsBulletTime = true;
        bIsBulletTime = false;

and it works like a charm. Resulting gameplay

Next is multiplayer implementation.

You can also use
CustomTimeDilation = 0.5;

to make specific actors move at different speeds. For max payne, the worold should move much slower than the player.

Cool! Any idea how to implement the “shockwave” bullet effects

So I am spawning a bullet and making it trace the path to target of rifle. Mabye artists know more, but is there a way that this bullet (see the snap) could disrupt space while traveling through it.