Project Build encryption

Good day people!
I am worried about some of my project files when I pack my stuff because theres a lot of personal work inside so I wondered: Is there any way to encrypt the .PAK files so somebody who might be interested in decoding my files is prevented from doing so? As far as I see in the guidelines its not illegal to encrypt my files but as soon as I want to encrypt them with a password via WinRAR it seems like the Build is no longer accessible.
Any ideas?
Greetings and thanks in advance!

You can tell the package process to encrypt the files.

Problem is, someone who knows what they’re doing can load the engine in a debugger and put a break point where the code loads the private key and find out what the key is.

The only way around this is to build the engine from source and re-write the part that does the decryption.

In the end, all it will do is stop people opening your assets from the pak file. It still wont stop them stealing the game / product.

Okay, thanks, that`s all I wanted to know. Then I decide to just develop the game further, it has no use to protect something people can steal anyways even if they have to do a sh*tload of extra work to get their hands on the files.
However, I appreciate your answer. Thanks