Project broken after removing Mesh

Same as Project broken after removing Mesh - Platform & Builds - Unreal Engine Forums

But that one was marked as solved without an actual answer.

The error:

LogBlueprint:Error: [Compiler PersistentLevel.ThirdPersonExampleMap2] Error Couldn’t find object for bound event node K2Node_ActorBoundEvent_0

No errors from map check: MapCheck: Info Map check complete: 0 Error(s), 0 Warning(s), took 27.044ms to complete.

A stripped down (basically empty) version of the project that still generates the error (9KB):

Tried deleting the intermediate and saved folders. Didn’t help.

Broke my project and don’t see a way to fix it.

Doesn’t look like there is a way to manually edit the map file.

Its not an xml or a zip of text/xml/etc. files.

Hi costia,

Have you run a map check for “ThirdPersonExampleMap2?” (You have to run a map check for each map/level individually)

Are you not able to find the blueprint that includes: "event node K2Node_ActorBoundEvent_0? -Have you checked the level blueprint for “ThirdPersonExampleMap2?”

Have you disabled any Plugins that may have been referencing this node? Are there any plugins currently enabled? If so try disabling them.

Finally, right-click the Contents folder in the Content Browser and choose “Fix up redirectors in Folder.” Save all.

In addition to the Intermediate and Saved folders, try deleting the Config folder from the Project folder (after making a backup to restore your Project and Editor Settings in the event this step does not help).

You can also try deleting the DerivedDataCache folder from the Engine installation folder.

Try these steps and if they do not work, respond with the requested information above.



I have checked all the blueprints in the content browser. Looks like the level blueprints are not listed there.

Apparently there was a disconnected node in the level’s blueprint which i didn’t notice.

Were you able to locate the Level Blueprint and resolve the issue?

yes. thanks for the help.