Project booting error


Everytime I start the project, itll go to 71% and this will happen, doesnt matter if i close or click ok, unreal will close the project

Anyone have any idea how to resolve this, at the moment I cant even get into the project

The module ‘Fur’ isnt deleted and is fully compiled too so Im not sure why this is happening or how to continue

Im even okay with resetting UE4 to an earlier date if anyone knows how to

Are you sure “Fur” was compiled for the unreal version you’re running?

You can disable plugins by editing the .uproject file, like this:


In this case “Oculus VR” is disabled.

I cant even get into the project to disable it,

And what I did last time, was press compile (Next to play), in the bottom right it said compile complete, then I clicked save, after save complete I closed UE4

Just disable the plugin by editing the uproject file in a text editor. Do you have the source code for “Fur”? If so then you will probably need to compile the plugin separately from visual studio. If not then you’ll have to wait for a 4.21 compatible version.