Project Beleth

Hi everyone :wink:;base64

let me introduce me and my team.
I’m Giorgi Gedianidze, Game designer and VFX/Shader Artist (Portfolio). some month age I’ve met 3D modeler and Lead 3D artist Nick Kipshidze (portfolio) in the university and decided to work together on games. after that, we added 3 more members : 1 gameplay Programmer, 1 C++ Programmer and 1 Level Designer. we currently located in Tbilisi,Georgia and our head office is in Caucasus University. Our Slogan : "Company of the gamers,by the gamers,for the gamers" let’s a little about our team :rolleyes:

Now it’s Time to tell about game.:cool: **We decided to combine **genres to create a distinct and entertaining gameplay, ****so game is basically Hybrid of 5 genres : RPG, Adventure, Slasher, Platformer, Puzzle. Project “Beleth” will be an adventure story-driven game that will throw you into a magical world with Georgian culture inspired elements and touching stories! So what are you waiting for? Step into the shoes of an unwitting young adventurer behind the enemy lines, explore, battle, discover lost secrets, and most importantly have fun! We are going to distribute on platforms such as steam, playstation store, and xbox store.

Currently we’re making demo and need help from you. we need healthy criticism from you and advices as well :slight_smile:

**We will add updates here on this thread and also on our Discord channel : **Discord

follow us to stay updated :wink: