Project B - iOS RPG project

Hi~ ^^

This movie is a video about ‘Kill Scene’ test of my personal game(iOS app) project by mobile UDK(Unreal Engine 3).

I played this game to capture this movie in iPhone 6 Plus.
My game app can be played in iPod 5G.
But material quality for reflection and specular may be low and poor in iPod 5G.
So I have experimented mobile materials(like similar PBR(Physical Based Rendering)) for optimization and quality in UDK.

But the experiment is very hard in mobile UDK.
I hope to work in unreal engine 4 after end of this game project.

Thank you for reading this thread.
If you tell me your opinion, I will consider it.

Happy New Year~ ^^

and a happy new year to you.

nice to see a fresh game creep out of the woodwork,and an accomplished one at that.

nice graphics and solid work alone?

Thanks for your interest.

I am working alone because my friends like game style as ‘Diablo’, ‘Lineage’, or ‘League of Legends’.-_-+
Their individuality must be respected.
But their style have bored me.

So I am just progressing this personal project for my favorite style.^^

that’s the attitude that gets games made.i like it.

Nice gameplay, it’s like a PC game in that aspect.

You can find some free animations in Mixamo, for example for the falls to ground.

Honestly, I think that simple motions are weaknesses in this game.

I think that motion editing may need a lot of time.
So I will positively consider using ‘Mixamo’ after working high priority other tasks like network play.

Thank you for comment of motion.^^

I tested network play parts of my game with my friends in February of this year.
I got a good result of network play test without errors.
But my friends made requests for improvement of my game.
Especially I concentrated requests for UI controls.

I want an equal number of left finger usage and right finger usage in my game.
So I disposed evasion buttons to left side.
But it was a matter of discord among movement stick and evasion buttons because of dense UI controls.
And my friends needed flexible UI calibration to fit various size hands.

So I appended the feature to resize UI controls for flexible calibration.
The following movie is a scene about ‘UI Calibration in Playing’ in my game.

Players will not fight ‘a lot of stupid weak enemies’ in my game.
Players will fight ‘a minority of ignoble strong enemies’ in my game.
So I tried to make various AI patterns.

AI enemies can block or evade attacks of players in my game.
They grasp the concept of pre-defense(defense against predictable attacks of players) and post-defense(defense after attacks of players).
They can paralyze players by ‘Impact’. And then, they may attack from the rear @_@;;;;

You can change the level of ‘Enemy Intelligence’ from 1 to 10 in save point.
If you want to play difficultly, you increase it in save point.
If you want to play easily, you decrease it in save point.

The following movie is a scene about ‘AI Test’ in my game.
If you grasp quickly, I recommend that you play it from 3min 44sec.^^

Because of changing UI, I need to capture a scene about network play again.
It just can’t be done easily.-_-+

And I am editing events in my game.
Because my game supports English language and Korean language,
There are many irritating things to modify lines of events in my game.
I am considering IAE(Interactive Event).
But I am nervous of too long working hours.
So I am trying to have endurance!!! >_<

If you tell me your opinion, I will consider it.
Thank you for reading this thread.(- -)(_ _)
Have a nice day~ ^^

I still don’t name my game.^^;;;;;;;

The following movie is a video about ‘Similar PBR(Physically Based Rendering) and
Photo Mode Test’ of my personal game(iOS app) project by mobile UDK(Unreal Engine 3).

You may know that ‘PBR is imposible in UE(Unreal Engine) 3’.
Because UE3 has no features for PBR.
If you are PC game developer, you can make features for PBR.
But if you are mobile game developer, it is very hard work.

I made ‘Similar PBR’ by various techniques(mask map, blending operation,
reflection map, mobile specular, …) in mobile UE3.
I think that it is similar to the feel of ‘Metallic’ and ‘Roughness’ in UE4.

Honestly ‘Similar PBR’ is worse than PBR in mobile UE4.
But I think that ‘Similar PBR’ is the best way for better materials in mobile UE3.

If you want to have a picture of your fighting character,
‘Photo Mode’ will be funny and useful.
(If you grasp it quickly, I recommend that you play it from 3min 50sec(or 4min 50sec).)

Actually I am making my game webpage with screenshots by ‘Photo Mode’.

If you tell me your opinion, I will consider it.
Thank you for reading this thread.(- -)(_ _)
Have a nice day~ ^^

Looks very good, can you add some noise specular map?

Thanks for your message and compliment.

If noise specular map is added to my game material, it may be more cool.^^
I think that it is a good idea.

But I am making with UDK.
UDK has many limitations because of not modifying core source.
Mask texture is only allowed to use ‘mobile specular features’ in UDK.
If some noise specular map is added to my game material, I think that core sources must be modified.
So I can’t implement your idea now.

Anyway, thank you for good opinion.

Oops… last post 2016. Time flies.

Well… if you’re still here. I didn’t notice your work before on the forum -I am not blind truly! XD-) I hope you post some updates again. (I will eventually post my project but I work but mainly on the code so nothing seems to be new)

Thank you for your interest in my project.
I think there is a misunderstanding.
I am still working on my project.

20170909 - kha_tex_TutoSub12Dlg00_page0__eng.jpg
This picture is a recent screenshot.
It was created using photo mode in iPhone 6 Plus.

20170909 - kha_tex_TutoSub12Dlg00_page1_0__eng.jpg
I also added new items to my game.
(Eg> dagger, poisoned needle, medicine, basic tutorial, …)

20170909 - kha_tex_TutoSub12Dlg00_page1_1__eng.jpg
This picture is a scene using the item ‘Basic Tutorial’.
You can control all basic tutorial steps using a special dialog window.
You can skip only certain parts.
If you do not want to learn at all, you can just finish it. (But then you will experience hell. T_T)

20170909 - kha_tex_TutoSub12Dlg00_page3_0__eng.jpg
20170909 - kha_tex_TutoSub12Dlg00_page3_1__eng.jpg
The above picture is a scene of throwing a dagger.
The below picture is a scene of treating addiction with a medicine.

Uploading a video is time consuming and burdens me.
So in the future, I will often upload pictures.
Have a good day~ ^^

I have improved special attacks in my game project.

I have made each pattern for each special attack.
Depending on the type of the special attack, I have improved it to show each pattern.

The below pictures are a close-up view of special attacks.

Each special attack has been treated so that the pattern of the attack appears equally in the pupil.

It is not a great feature, but as the story of the game progresses,
the story about the main character’s eyes will come out.
So I implemented it.
( There is nothing to do with some clan that has been destroyed in some ninja village. ^^ ;;;;; )

The below pictures show a battle using a special attack.

Thank you for your interest in my thread.
Have a nice weekend~ ^^

Looks nice, some video showing the particles movement?

Very nice man. But a video will make us more happy!!!

Thanks for your comment.

This project is an iOS game project.
So the video capture of this project is complicated and cumbersome.

This process is briefly described below.
First of all, I have to connect the HDMI converter to my iPhone 6 Plus.
Then I need to connect the HDMI converter to my video capture device and my notebook PC.
Later, while I play my game on my iPhone,
I control the video capture device on PC and record my game video.
Then I have to edit the video in iMovie. … Etc. @_@ ;;;;;;

Above all, if I make a mistake or don’t like the video during the above process,
I have to repeat the above process several times. T_T

So I do not want to upload videos often.
But I know that sometimes I need to upload it to prove my creation.

In the next article, I will upload a video about my work.
( But not now. Because I am so tired now. ^^ ;;;; )

Thanks for your comment.^^

Uploading videos from iOS game is complicated and cumbersome.^^;;;;;
And I’m too tired these days.
So now I can not upload a video.

I will post related videos in the next article.

‘Project B’ has been officially named ‘Penetrators’.
The web address of the ‘Penetrators’ thread is:

So all development articles in ‘Project B’ will be written to the ‘Penetrators’ thread.