Project: Avalanche (Anyone decent with blueprints needed!) Or anyone who thinks they're useful (Pic)


My name is Charlie Satizabal, Here is my portfolio:

Basically i am starting a project called “Project: Avalanche”. The game is basically gonna be a vibrant 3D version of this game from years back, (Play it and see) I loved this as a child.

The game is pretty addicting and i thought, Hmm. It would be neat if someone made a 3D version of it. That would be vibrant and colorful looking, Beautiful.

So that is exactly what i am doing, But i need help with just one thing, Procedural falling blocks, Just like in the game. If we can get that part done. Its golden!

(If you are really useful i will reward you with something ) But either way, if you help out, You will receive cash from game earnings.

Those simple to make, fun games make big bucks! Lol.

SKYPE: cjsavage56


Here is a picture: