Project Avalanche : A unique game in progress! Contributers wanted!

UPDATE: I have now added many menu options and improvements, and a fully voice acted tutorial level to the game! I am working hard on this and added a lot by the day. If you would like to contribute with ideas. Drop me a DM. or add me on Skype: cjsavage56 or

Hello, my name is Charlie by the way. This game was made entirely by me, even the animations and most models. I am a lone wolf as of now!

I would love some feedback or tips.

Here is a video:

Here are some screen shots:…b7&oe=58E6E6EC…bb&oe=58E99FBA…51&oe=58D8E679…0b&oe=5923D68A…48&oe=59179FB6…e8&oe=58D74889…4b&oe=58E8633B

Here is the download link: