Project Assets and Unreal Engine Versions [Help!]

Hello, so I’ve made a big mistake and I pulled the latest UE engine source from Github when all I wanted was just 4.15.1. I installed and built it then opened my project and noticed that the version said 4.16.0. I didn’t realize until too late that this was a problem, a very big problem. I’m working with a partner and he has 4.15.1 installed, and now it’s giving him all kinds of errors about maps being saved in a later version as well as Blueprint assets not showing up in the project. I’ve been trying all day to get this fixed, but no luck. No matter what I do, even a migrate… it won’t show up in the earlier version project.

Is there anything I can do to trick my assets to think that they weren’t saved in a later version? Otherwise I’m not sure what can be done about this. Is my project permanently stuck on this version?

Some info:

I am using version control, but I did about a weeks worth of work before realizing the mistake. So any work done after I started using this version will be lost.

Is it worth it to take the hit on this and just go back to before the mistake?

No game engine on this world that I know of is backwards compatible, sorry.
Maps are binary files so it’s even harder to recover your files when modified by unknown engine version (4.16).

Yes, I did figure that. It was more of a desperate cry for help! Maybe someone knew a way to handle it, but it’s very unlikely.

Luckily It didn’t go too far before I realized what was happening. I’ll do the revert and clear this mess up! thanks.