Project Animals - Buffalo


what started as a personal project has now moved under a company that we have with a friend of mine. This should mean much more releases in the coming months, starting with the fabulous Bruno the Buffalo.


Hope you like him :slight_smile:

Hi i really love your animation work !

but why do you hinder yourself from selling this to a much wider audience by restricting it to the stylized low poly mesh.
why not release a realistic mesh with good textures, too.
i guess you will sell much more copies of it.

i for my part would love to have some realistic animated animals for my project …

uups, now i read about the update with realistic mesh.
so i just will have to wait for it.

animations are very beautiful !

Yep, realistic meshes are coming as a free update for all animals.

edit: glad you like the animations :slight_smile:

Superb animations, interesting modeling style aswell.

Guy on a buffalo remake coming to ue4 soon!

Awesome animations. Must have been a pain getting the ping-pong balls glued to the buffalo :wink:

Bruno is really a wild guy, so yeah, it was a mess gluing the markers :slight_smile:

Dude he is adorable

I really like the presentation of your packs. Keep up the good work!


Looks so natural and… amazing! good stuff

sorry if the question is dumb haha but are you able to apply animations to a rigged model ?
say if i had a 3d model of a quadroped with similar body shape and movement, would i be able to apply these animations to it ? or even if i had a model nothing like it would i be able to apply these animations to it ? really hoping so haha because i know achieving animations of this quality takes a long time to learn.

and am i able to do that in maya/unreal engine or would i need software like motion builder for example?
thanks in advance <3

I like the low-poly style of the model but I guess the realistic looking buffalo will have higher demand. Animations looks amazing and I really appreciate the effort you’ve done on presentation. Great work and I hope to see more quality animals.

Very happy to hear this, I will be purchasing all of them when the realistic meshes are released.
Also I would purchase a rat, snake, crow, dog, cat, pig and horse

Hello everybody,

another guy from the same studio who’s happy about your comments :slight_smile:

Sorry, but not the rat, she will come as a freebie… and the name is Edna

Thanks, looking forward the new sequencer :slight_smile:

Our pack comes with the rigged stylized mesh and rigged realistic mesh will follow soon for all the animals. If you would want to apply them to your own rig, it’s doable right in UE via retargeting (Animation Retargeting (Different Skeletons) | Unreal Engine Documentation).

If you will try to retarget the animations to a similar body shape it could work, but depends on the differences in the skeleton structure and proportions. There will be certain range of differences that will work, but after certain point it probably won’t look too good.
With model nothing like the one from animations it could work, but probably will look bad.

Then there is also a big difference between the animals and the way they move, how they use their limbs in the locomotion and lot of other things, so retargeting buffalo to a bear probably won’t look too good and absolutely not realistically. But I guess all that also depends on what you are willing to tolerate in your project.

ohh awesome such a thing exists, ill look into retargeting then, thankyou! Yeah thats what i thought, i understand loco motions and keeping everything looking natural. Id still love to buy the animations even if they don’t suit my creatures body movements, they’d still be great as place holders and just really understanding animation a little more i guess.

Unfortunately Bruno didn’t make it through the submission process. :frowning:

If you see him on market of other engines you probably should NOT buy him there because we will still try to get him on Unreal marketplace, but we won’t be able to give you access even if you bought it elsewhere. Sorry for the inconvenience.