Project and compatiability

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I think I’ve found information that shows that resources are/can be highly version specific.

If I mouse over “Elemental Demo” * OR [X] icon just before the version info, on the Vault screen it sayes that it is not compatible with 4.4.0
that it requires 4.3.0

If this is true, could someone please explain why the “Elemental Demo” require 4.3.0 Why will it not work correctly on 4.4.0 ?

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I would imagine that you can just download it and when you open it with 4.4 it can update the project.

Please let me re-phrase the question as a YES/NO question.

The following result most often can happen when a person “imagine’s” an answer to a question. (I do it myself all the time) :slight_smile:

The answer you provided seems highly suspect. UE4’s ability to configure a project for use is irrelevant within the context of the question and presents as a politically logical response to the question since it implies the answer to be “YES” while it yet remains ambiguous itself.


Based on the current and projected design of UE4, are all “Marketplace” projects/resources compatible with the most current valid version of UE4 ?

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Yes -> you can download the 4.4 versions but you can also just update them as darth said

Marketplace items aren’t necessarily going to be compatible with all versions of the engine–if it says it’s for an older version it probably means it’s not verified to run on the newer version, most likely it will work though. Once people are submitting things to the marketplace part of the requirements is testing in different updates of the engine to check for compatibility and items can be removed from the marketplace if they no longer work with the current version.