Project Anaconda - Action RPG (Toolkit)

Hello everyone!

This is a progress thread of a Action RPG Game I’m making. I’m focussing first on making it a toolkit for the marketplace, so I can fund further development of the real game I’m making. The Action RPG Toolkit will be coming to the marketplace in January/February 2017. Then apart from further development on the toolkit, I will also start on some 3D artwork for the game, in a seperate project, which I can later migrate to the toolkit project :slight_smile:

this is the official marketplace thread for the Action RPG Toolkit:

And here is a video preview of the game/toolkit so far:

Any feedback/critique is welcome! Also feature suggestions would be nice so I can make a priority list of features to add in the future!

Thanks for your interest!

Spent a day implementing a new class, the sorcerer! Here’s a video of the sorcerer and his first 3 skills :slight_smile:

Nice work, keep this awesome job. :slight_smile: