Project Alt. History

This is the beginning of a new survival project we are working on at OdinWorks. Post WW2, Axis Powers have won and dominated the world. You are a soldier stranded at Ladd Army Airfield, Alaska; Your goal is to find as many survivors as you can while battling hunger, extreme temperatures, and oh yea…Nazis.( When Russia lost their land, Nazi Germany had the capability to easily access Alaska via the frozen ocean. They came guns blazing and ultimately took control of alaska.) Muster up the courage of fellow soldiers and stranded civilians across Ladd Army Airfield and Fairbanks, Alaska to take control of your region and create a foothold for reinforcements!

Plans for Co-Op

Team: OdinWorksGS


Looking for:
3D Modeling Artist(some experience required, students still learning welcome)

Twitter: @OdinWorksGS
@GraveBeardDelta (Project Manager, Programmer)