Project Adrayvia [WIP] - Action RPG with deep roots in Norse Mythology

Here’s a short proof of concept vid for Adrayvia:

Hi guys! Adrayvia’s Alpha version 1.7 is now complete! Please visit and subscribe to our mailing list to receive a link to the build so you can play :D.

Adrayvia is an action role-playing game set in a fictional world where factions engage each other in a war that defines the fate of all Adrayvia, and the Beyond.

Lore (Synopsis):
During the Warring Ages, a Third World War amongst all the countries vying for power and domination broke out on Adrayvia, one of the unnamed and forgotten worlds lost in the embers of Yggdrasil. 5 years into the war, the Veil separating Adrayvia and the Beyond was greatly weakened when a second Rift was created during the Battle of Aurelia in the cold, northern mountains of Adrayvia, Alwinter. After 2 more years of untamed, unrelenting and absolute chaos, the 5 Great Countries sent their representatives to form a parley which eventually led to a truce. The Round Table, a body tasked with maintaining order and diplomatic relations amongst the participating countries was founded, and thus the Advent Age began.

Game Design and Mechanics Showcases:

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More updates coming soon.