Project: Acenn a 2D Metroidvania Style Pixel Art Game


Hello everyone!

Iv’e been working on this project for the last few years and I thought I could show it off and see what the community thinks. Now you may be wondering why am I using UE4 to develop a 2D game? Simple put, I really love the engine! And surprisingly I haven’t hit any performance problems (as long as you know what to do) while testing it. I think anyone could use UE4 to make 2D games its just that you will have to do a little bit more work then in other engines out there. I also just launched a Kickstarter page to try and raise money that I need for the artwork to complete the game. You can check it out here!

Below is information about game. Please keep in mind this is a very early build of the game, its poor quality is NOT a representation of the final product.

  • Mock Up Trailer:
** The above trailer is a mock up of what an actually trailer for the game would look like, but of course with better artwork and a final build of the game. Please keep in mind this is a very early build of the game, its poor quality is not NOT a representation of the final product.*

  • Early Gameplay Footage:
*****Note: This is a very early build of the game, all aspects are subject to change.It is NOT a representation of the final product. It is used to give you an idea of how the beginning of the game will be played by a new player. Some debug game properties where left in this build.

  • Game Details:

This ambitious game will feature a Metroid like level construction/world building, a large world to explore, tough enemies with novel strategies to beat, bosses that aren’t your typical “shot to win” they must be beaten with strategies and clever thinking, a weapon effect system that increases gameplay strategies to overcome obstacles, level puzzles that are randomly created (so you can’t cheat and look it up online :wink: ) that will take thought to solve, three unique game difficulties that mix up the game play and add replay ability, a level design that lets you pick your own path which will change how bosses are beaten along with weapons you have found. Cool, useful, and overpowered weapons, a long and challenging game that unknowingly teaches the player how to play without holding there hand, a large variety of music and pixel art that will bring every level and environment to spectacular life, and so much more.

  • Written Story Trailer:

You wake up in an abandoned laboratory. You realize you’ve been fused with a mechanical A.C.E.N.N suit. Your all alone. No memory. No hope. No escape. Can you survive? Can you find your memories… or die trying?

Unknown voice: “Your really starting to believe this “fantasy” you’ve made for yourself”

  • Some Artwork:

Player run animation
Played when the player finds a save station and saves there progress

Level tile set Outside Space Night & Day Theme **Click to see parallax GIF



There’e a lot more information and artwork on the kickstarter page if you want to know more about the project or even to support this game. I know the trailer and gameplay footage could be a lot better, to say the least, but its what i have so far. There’s still a lot of work to be done and I will come back and post updates on the project. I hope everyone likes what they see so far. Feel free to comment your thoughts! Thanks!

Kickstarter Page

I dig the aesthetic man. That being said, I took a look at the kickstarter page, and I think you may benefit from holding off on that until you’re a bit further along in the project. For such a high asking price, you have to do a bit more convincing beforehand to prove your product is worth their money (and that you’re likely to actually finish the project).

I hear you loud and clear, however I didn’t think it would hurt to at least try a kickstarter (that was lacking content) and if it was successful great I could finish the project, but if not I could wait until more of the project was completed and try one last time on kickstarter. As for convincing potential backers it worth there money, I was hoping they would see through the projects poor quality for what it could be in the end, but unfortunately it doesn’t always work that way, but ya I do agree with you. Anyway thanks for the feedback! :slight_smile: