Project 4 - 3d coop puzzle game

Hello guys!

I would like to ask your honest opinion about the features, blocks, abilities in the following video. I’m working on a 3d coop puzzle game. (yes… similar to Portal but with different abilities and blocks)

  • Time distortion
  • Gravity vector manipulation
  • Laser
  • Rotating laser
  • Laser redirecter (focuser)
  • Box
  • Destructable Box
  • Color Block
  • Battery Block
  • UV Light?

I would also like to ask for your help because I have a little bit of a problem with the base concept, the gravity manipulation is kinda dominant and one could say time distortion is not even required if it is done well (that might require a lot of practice) especially since in the first version, even the gravity manipulation was based on charge (thus you could control the force and even make it float, just like with the time distortion) what do you think would be the best way to make them equal (right now the force is always 1, you could say g=10 but in different directions) ?
And overall, do you see potential in the game or not? (3. option : too much of a Portal copy)
The video :

And a sneak peek into the level design :