Project - 2D Manga Naruto scanning - Barcelona Spain

Hello, my name is Raul, I am a student in Barcelona, ​​in the BAU University with Professor Carlos Coronado creator of Mind: Path to Thalamus.
This is the first year that our university is disclosed the unreal engine, and we are happy as we feel incredible but complex tool.Every week we have some work to do at home, either play with lights, creating a scene or try to create a lantern with blueprints, but there was a job that I liked in particular the need to create 2D elements.
I am fan of study Vanillaware and its artistic and manual carefully. I thought this little project I could try to liken the style of Oboro Murama and as a fan I am of the manga Naruto, I decided to scan some pages, trim elements such as mountains, clouds, stones etc and implement them in a 2d scenario but with depth, to give a sense movement to static elements of a manga.
The result is that it is very basic, but the idea I liked.

For the final project for the course I have a little surprise associated with this type of technique.
The hardest part of all this is to select the scenes manga containing elements that can be used, then the characters is easier, but it is interesting to recreate scenes from the manga and to play in them.

Leave a few pictures for you to see how was (total immunity about 8-9 hours)
Carlos Coronado thank you very much for your patience in their classes because it makes using the unreal engine seems an easy task.

ps: sorry for English;