Project 02 WIP

Hey all, got my hands on UE4 and had a shot at using it after fiddling with the migrate things.
It’s just something I’ve made as a first shot attempt at using the new engine and was hoping to get some feedback on how to take it further. I personally figured that overpopulating the scene would make it seem forced and out of place so I tried keeping the scene fairly empty. Any criticism (good/bad) is highly appreciated so that I may improve my works :slight_smile:


That’s a pretty dark scene. Looks very good though

The design is very nice! I too find it to be maybe just a little bit too dark. It depends on the game though. For a horror game it’s probably good :smiley:

Hey, thanks for the replies! I wanted to go with the dark-ish theme as this was based on a the idea of a abandoned colony. I’m working on extending the colony now with a corridor + the room seen beyond the glass.
As always, any criticism (good/bad) is completely welcome!


Awesome scene! It had that abandonment feeling that you were going for.