ProInstance Tools Plugin

Yes, all you need is to choose “Actor Class” in the “Instance Type” dropdown and select your desirable blueprint in another “Actor Class” field which is under “Mesh” variable inside “Instances” array.


Hi how to recreate this with ProInstance Circle?

Actualy have this:

One of the problems is that every time i change the radius i have to change the rotation offset testing until get exactly the winner, is there an option to just “Face to center” ? cant find.

Also there is a seed, but how to get just one of each instead of aleatory?

It may not be obvious (which is probably my fault), but in the Instance Settings (Local or Global) > Rotation there’s a Rotate To Actor option. You can choose self exact actor, so every instance will be rotated to parent actor’s pivot point, right in the center in that case. In the “Rotate To Actor By Axes” you usually only need Z value.
And Seed option can be entered manually.

Yeah is what i did, but due the prop have diferent face orientation does this:

So i have to calculate in rotation offset the value to rotate just to look at the center that depends on radius. Then, i need to fix the face orientation in all props or there is a way to change in the ProInstance params without have to recalculate when radius changes?

About the seed, i explained bad sorry, i mean, how i get a red-white-red-white-red… barrier ? I tried with seed to 0, negatives, or some checkbox to disable to get that but no luck, is there an option im missing?

How different is the prop orientation? The system won’t override all this and it’s best when same props are oriented the same way in the first place, so it will be much easier to manipulate Rotation settings later.

Don’t forget to select Z axis only in the “Rotate To Actor By Axes”, I think that’s also what you’re looking for.

And there’s actually no support for even and odds instance alternation… Sorry, that behaviour was never intended, only full randomization.

it was so easy. Thanks!

A new update v1.21 is out with following changes:

  • Added “Instance Self Overlap” dropdown menu, so overlapping of instances can be disabled
  • Fixed double instance spawn in ProInstance_Path
  • Fixed component replication bug in multiplayer
  • Fixed linetracing length on ProInstance_Scatter in sphere mode
  • Fixed removal of instances when linetrace for snapping don’t hit anything
  • Cleaned up blueprint function library
  • Commented all variables, so hints on variables are now visible
  • Updated Overview map with new examples

Update Glitch.

The 1.21 Update has a considerable glitch, nearly everything built with the older versions of ProInstance has been moved, looks like something was changed with the instance spacing or transform?

Grids, circles, everything built with ProInstance that has any transformation seems to have been moved out of place. ProInstances built with no transform appear to be in the same spot.

Oh, dammit. Well, transforms are ok, but I changed the linetrace for “surface snapping” function indeed. It’s this line:

  • Fixed removal of instances when linetrace for snapping don’t hit anything

I thought that was for the greater good! This is the exact thing why updating this plugin is actually a little scary. I know for sure that there is at least one giant open world map built strictly using ProInstance Tools and I reeeally don’t want to break something in it accidentally…

Ok, hang on. I will revert this function as it was asap.

Unfortunately doesn’t seem to have worked. I pulled an un-updated (1.20) copy of the plugin Content from a different engine version yesterday and everything popped back into place, after today’s update same problem as the original 1.21 update.

Repeated on UE 4.26 and 4.27, roll-back to ProInstance 1.20 fixed everything.

When transforming ProInstances they would expand out like with multiple objects, but then snap back to where the variables are set, appears that’s missing now and the distance between is being multiplied with the scale. An X distance of ~400 on a ProInstnace Grid scaled to ~1.87 had the measured distance in game world increase to ~748 after update.

Currently 1887 ProInstances in my other world (1254 in another, 981 in another), thankfully if you have the 1.20 content it all goes right back to place.

Well, that’s not good… I attempted to clean some mess in my blueprint code which I deliberately did not touch for so long (since 1.0), because it’s was working well anyway. Probably shouldn’t do that. Hey, do you mind if we will run some tests? I’ll pm you.

Fresh BP’s seem to have worked. Everything’s back in it’s place by the looks of it.

Cheers. :+1:

I see. Need to roll back old BPs from 1.20 then. This makes me a little bit frustrated as a developer, because old BPs are a mess in some places… on which I spent some time to clean up for good.
But well! I guess it doesn’t mean much when it’s just working. I still made some unknown error in the latest changes. Though my test level was totally looking fine.

Here’s a preview example what was changed in the blueprint function library. Old one is a shame to show to a fellow developers, haha! But I guess it’s coming back anyway.

No roll back needed, sent a PM think I found the kink in the hose.


As an after thought this is a ready made bool I’d love to have actually “location snapping” or something.

This “glitch” can be really useful if it were an option for it to snap back fixed to it’s distances or scale freely (keeping the seems between objects like the normal gizmo). Resizing nicely lined up Grids can be a pain if the numbers are not all evened up, quick flick of the gizmo would save alot of time handling it like a group.

Ok, I submitted the 1.23 hotfix and hopefully it’s gonna be ok this time (fingers crossed).

  • Fixed a flawed blueprint refactoring in the function library (thanks to MMaple01)
  • Fixed weird bug with an unexpected 1 cm height addition when surface snapping is off
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Think someone else may have mentioned this, but even post 1.23, I’m getting this glitch. Many of my instances are disappearing at a certain point, and are also randomizing as I move them.

Hey, it looks like it’s intersecting with Volumes on your level. You can check it with “Draw Debug Line” bool. I think you should add all Volumes into “Actors To Ignore” array of ProInstances so this can be avoided.

The debug line isn’t colliding with anything and the “add to ignored actors” is greyed out. This only became an issue after the recent update. Before it was working normally. It seems like it’s affecting any of my instances that are outside a certain range, which I don’t get. (I also don’t understand why it’s randomizing the instances with each update, even when I leave the seed unchanged.)

Follow up. When I went into the BP and removed the Can Spawn check, everything worked fine. Is this a new additions?

How it’s supposed to look/use to look pre update (with Can spawn branched removed)

How it looks now. (with Can Spawn branch in.)

Weird… No, CanSpawn bool is kinda essential and it was there before. I removed it earlier in 1.21, but that was a mistake, so I returned it. May I ask, since what version you’ve started using the plugin?