Progression & Development with C++, Mathematics & Science

Hey People !

I am learning as of now and there are several questions that are floating around in my brain/head.
First of all, let me ask this one thing, what all books would you people suggest to learn C++, Mathematics, Science to
learn almost about everything needed to develop or make, well, things. I hope you understand. And that is related to what is about to come.

I have a few questions which probably might be worthless and regardless in Today’s Time to ask and useless, but I still want to know.
How hard could it be for a person to develop a Game Engine, on his own or just with a very few people ? Or At Least, a Modeling Toolkit like of Maya('s) ? I am just saying Modeling Toolkit and not the whole Set/Package for CG Work.

And also, what are the best GUI Toolkits & IDE for C++ ? Can I make one on my own and I know the answer is yes, but how ? With MS-VS or with Console Work ? And also, how is Computer Programming helpful for
And in the end, the most important part. What books would you suggest me to read for getting knowledge on most of C++ & Mathematics & Science (mostly Physics - that is) Required for Computers (Computation or simply, Technology) ?
I have a few books that I read, but I really want to get a list (not a complete, that can’t ever be, i.e; a definitive one) from One of The Great Developers.

And also, do These Game Companies design Their Game Engine entirely in one language ? Basically, I am asking you people to teach me (us), and give out not only a few but a lot of information on (as to) how some of you people work and develop Proprietary (or even a Open Source Free but Great) Game Engine(s).

I know this is a big topic/section to touch but I still want some help, I want to know. And I hope it’s not really so much big of a deal to pay attention to other such things as well.

Any Thing, Suggestions or whatsoever is welcomed.
And also, I am posting this in several other sections that are even a little bit relating so that more people could contribute.

Edited Note (Important) : There are some Courses on 3D Buzz that teach C++ with Game Development. How much is that helpful as it starts off for and from Beginner’s Level ? It teaches the bascis first like what a Variable is (literally). Is that enough to get going with Game Making with Complex Systems (Smart A.I. , etc.) ?

Thank You !

I can’t answer a lot of your questions, but wouldn’t say you need any science knowledge unless you plan on using scientific formulas/algorithms which is unlikely. For someone to develop a game engine they’d need to know very advanced math, and have a very strong knowledge in computer programming, I highly doubt that one person could make it on his own for it to be any good. Game companies tend to stick to 1 language for simplification & in the case they are using an engine that uses 1 language, but obviously there are some exceptions.

Thank You for your Answer Jamendxman3. I am not looking forward to making a Game Engine all by myself of course. But I want to have that knowledge required for such a thing, just in case if I decide to do something like so. I also thought of so that they work on one language, but is that C++ is most of the case(s) ? And by Science, here, I mean(t) Physics, for more Realism & Physx Programming.
But anyways, Thank You for your Help.

I can’t say I can speak for game development companies, but I’d imagine that the most popular language is C++ due to it’s ability to closely control memory allocation, followed by C#.

Alright ! Thanks for that.

You should visit They have alot of good information, althought some is outdated. They cover things like: game engine programming, rendering, AI, C++, game math, modelling, animation, even go deep into hardware with stuff like logic gates. The whole thing is structured with videos and textbooks specifially made for each course topic, and quizzes.

Thanks a lot Avioletz. I will definitely check that out.

Edit : Correction for those who might also read this. The website is :
Avioletz mis-typed it by mistake so pardon him and move onto the correct one.

Thanks again Avioletz.