Progress Thus Far on Inventory System

Just wanted to show the progress I have on my hud/inventory system thus far.

Done with nothing but blueprints…oh the power these things have.

Looks like you have a nice system coming along. Looks very similar to what I have recently accomplished as well.

Thanks Hakabane, a LOT of thanks goes out to you and Bonny though. I can’t even reiterate the amount of hours it took me to get this system working…so far.


Here is a screen of what I have so far.

All that I’m missing from my general inventory that I want is stack splitting but I will do that later. For now I’m working on equipping inventory. Hopefully shouldn’t take me much longer. It’s good to see others progressing as well though. Really look forward to seeing what you come up with.

Very nice! I haven’t touched stack splitting yet, I’m still working on replication issues tbh :confused:
Have you found a way to move the entire ‘inventory system’ including all buttons at once? Having a hard time find a way to move my hud around for more customization for players.

Replication is definitely something I know I will be working on in the future but I don’t want to touch it yet. I planned on having a static inventory but after a couple seconds thinking about it, I will look into it since I don’t think it would be hard to implement at all.

if you guys seriously want to do multiplayer, make sure you do it from the get go, otherwise you will be stumped by the complexity it brings.

I have been doing it since the get go, but it still stumps me really bad at times.