Progress Bar Replication?


I am now working on a multiple player FPS game. And I want to show the HP Bar above the character like this.

There are the blueprint to update the progress bar.

I found that only the server can see the updated progress bar. I spent some time on finding the replication setting of the progress bar but I found nothing.

How to set the replication of the progress bar?

[A day after]
I find the replication variable in the blueprint of the UI. However, every time when I try to change it into “replicated”, it will turn back into “none” automatically.
Is it the reason why the HP Bar only update for the server? If yes, how to edit it?

Are you also replicating the variable that is setting the progress bar? I haven’t tried this yet, but maybe you could try setting the division of health and max health to it’s own variable. Then replicate that variable and use it to set the percentage. (Due to the fact progress bars function off 0-1 the value may be confusing the system when you try to replicate it because you aren’t actually replicated the math behind the value. just the value.)

Are you meaning this?

The HP Percentage is printed out correctly. But still, only the server can observe the updated progress bar.