Progress bar problems

as i only typed gibberish the first time let me try again. i want my progress bar to be filled to a 100% and reset when 8 seconds how passed. any tips on how i could do that?

oh sorry i meant i wanted to know how i can set the progress bar so that its at 100% every 8 seconds then reset, i ended up typing gibberish instead. im very tired.

errr… I don’t get it.

Easiest way to achieve would be using the timeline but it’s not accessible from widget blueprint. So I made it using interpolation node instead.
All you have to do is create a new variable and bind it to the progress bar value. I used event tick setting the progress value which interpolates constantly to 1 with the speed of 1/8 so it reaches 1 exactly at 8 seconds and gets reset. Then set timer by event and attach it to a custom event which resets the progress value back to 0.
Hope this is what you wanted to get and I helped.

This is a good way to handle it but i would get rid of the timer and just use a branch before your set Progress in tick. Have it compare Progress == 1 and if true set it to 0, if false then do your interpolate. This way the tick after you reach 1 it will reset to 0.

This just gets rid of the separate timer and puts the logic all in one spot. You don’t have to worry about changing the time in two places (though that could be easily handled with a variable).

Thats what I created, but I was too slow to upload. Here it is :slight_smile:
The use of interp is good idea though.

Glad I could help. I actually forgot about possibility of checking whether the value reached 1 and of course you can use it instead of the timer.

Thank you so much for all the help, that helped a bunch! It now works perfectly!