Progress Bar not filling properly


My progress bar, when filling from the center shrinks in height when subtracting percentages…

Full Progress Bar:


Not Full Progress Bar (See how it has a difference in height?):


Please let me know how do I keep the height the same when the percentage changes


I think that’s pretty much what FillFromCentre is, literally - in all directions, not to the right and to the left. I believe the intention here is to fill up in a radial way from the centre to the edge.

In order to achieve what you’ve demonstrated above, try placing 2 progress bars in a horizontal box and use left to right and right to left fills.

Thank you for your answer Everynone (clever name BTW :).)
But I saw this guy do it with one progress bar: (I skipped to the specific time for you and if you look back, you can have proof it’s really one progress bar)


Not sure what to think about this one. I’ve always thought it was a feature but it might as well be a bug according to this post - have a look at the last couple of comments and the attached video.

You could fake the effect by setting Border Padding Y to something really high, like 2000:

See if that works for you.

Thank you Everynone!

Setting the Y border padding to 2,000 or 1,000 works like a dream!

One more thing though.

In the Viewport it makes it all distorted:

Full Progress Bar:


Not Full Progress Bar:


Will this affect anything or is it just a bug with the Viewport?


I’ll admit that it’s more of a hack rather than a solution. I did not test it thoroughly at all. Hope you got it to behave like you expected.

Im Getting An Error And You Guys Playing Games…

Fixed, Just Make Padding 0,0: