Progress Bar Marquee Tint is not working.

I set a Marquee Tint in UMG editor and Marquee sprite is tinted in details window, but in preview it is not, also in game it is still gray.

I’ve made a patch wich fixes this

diff --git a/Engine/Source/Runtime/Slate/Private/Widgets/Notifications/SProgressBar.cpp b/Engine/Source/Runtime/Slate/Private/Widgets/Notifications/SProgressBar.cpp
index 333709c..d06a3ad 100644
--- a/Engine/Source/Runtime/Slate/Private/Widgets/Notifications/SProgressBar.cpp
+++ b/Engine/Source/Runtime/Slate/Private/Widgets/Notifications/SProgressBar.cpp
@@ -243,7 +243,7 @@ int32 SProgressBar::OnPaint( const FPaintArgs& Args, const FGeometry& AllottedGe
-                       ColorAndOpacitySRGB
+                       CurrentMarqueeImage->TintColor.GetSpecifiedColor()


Original version was using

const FLinearColor ColorAndOpacitySRGB = InWidgetStyle.GetColorAndOpacityTint();

which is color from some InWidgetStyle object. Don’t know if it was intentional, and it is unclear how I can set that color. It is not widget’s Appearance->Fill Color and Opacity

Hello Yata,

Thanks for sharing your information with everyone. If you would like to submit your code to the developers, I have provided a link below and this will allow you to submit a pull request to the developers for further consideration. I hope this helps.


Make it a great day

Hello Rudy,

Should i make a patch on master or release branch?

Hello Yata,

You can go ahead and make it for the release branch. The developers can make alterations if needed.