Progress Bar Image looks like it's not updating in game...

So I have been trying to get a Health and Stamina system working for my player and so far everything works pretty much flawlessly. However, when I edit the HUD widget and customize it to how I would like, it appears to not update in game? What I mean is I am making the stamina and health bar ‘empty’ image to be the background where it’s opacity is very low however whenever I play the game to test, when draining, the bg image is still very visible… I don’t know if that made much sense so here is whats happening in images…

Opacity of background images are low in the editor:

Way more opaque in game…

Please help this is killing me!!!


Could you show the hierarchy?

Yeah here you go

Not sure if I’m reading this correctly, but normally you’d set up a mask for the progress bar:

It’s hard to tell from the pic what is layered on top - are all those elements correctly Z-ordered.

What are those 2 BG images for? I am assuming the HUD is the plus / bolt icons?

Yeah the HUD is the Plus and Bolt. Now this has really confused me,

deleted background images and made background image of the actual progress bar nothing:

However, this is what happens in game:

(gonna do another reply cause i cant have 2 images)