Heeelo !

I’m designer since 2007 in photoshop , And i would to learn programming games and make a game…

But i don’t know anything about programming , Even i watched too much tutorials on youtube about c# language and it’s writing “Hello world”
And i don’t need that i want to learn how to programming game and how i can make a game with this language , i’m really need help and i’m sorry for my bad english

When you want to create your game with the UE4, you need to learn C++ or blueprints.
Therefore take a look at some basic C++ tutorials (e.g this is a good series: + then the ones from epic games -> 3rd Person Power-Up Game with C++ (pre v4.9) - YouTube

Some more useful information: :slight_smile:

Thank you very much… <3

Alo of people don’t reccomend it but

beggining c++ through game programming is a pretty good starter book, i went from it to learn the basics which it teaches you pretty well to c++ primer 5th edition .

I tried the bjourne stroupe books and they was boring to me, really detailed but super boring.

I’m now learning c++ , and already learned functions and basics…

But what about blueprint? It’s same and easy? Or c++ better thAn it?

Blueprints are far easier than C++, though you still have to learn the basics of functions, loops , variables, etc… Blueprints are also fully capable of making complete games, though they are a tad bit slower than C++.

But C++ it’s too much helpful and better than blueprints for future?

Not always. C++ is useful when you create plugins, modify the engine,… with blueprints you can do everything in the editor + every team member will know how it works, because blueprints are really easy to use! :slight_smile:

I would say (and even some other ue4 dev’s too) it is possible to create a game only with blueprints, this function is great…BUT to get the best of unreal engine and into the game project, C++ is necessary e.g. to have some additional stuff, also with blueprint there’s"just" the opportunity to have co-op mode while real MMO needs C++ scripting.

But if you want to use another engine and the engine doesn’t have blueprints , so i can’t use it…
So the C++ let me programming a game without blueprints…
And the C++ for the future or for working it will be awesome !

Oh, you mean it like that. Yep, than you should go with C++ :smiley:


Last questions !

How many time i need to learn everything about C++ and i can start UE4…
If i’m watching this tutorial
5 videos per day… And may i need another tutorial or 1 month and i will learned everything?
And can i made a game with unity and C++ language?

Don’t get ahead of yourself, I’d give it at least 2 months before jumping into any big projects, and at least 3 years before you are actually confident with the language. Also, Unity does not use C++, so I highly suggest you learn blueprints, you’ll save yourself lots of time and effort. In many cases it’s actually better to use blueprints. A combination of both blueprints and C++ is what you’ll want.

But what about C#

Unity doesn’t use C++ , only C# so if you work with Unity = c# if you work with Unreal Engine = C++

It’s easier than C++, but then you will have to use Unity + in many jobs you need C++ instead of C# :slight_smile:

Then can i made a 2d game with unreal engine?

Yes, Unreal Engine 4 is capable of making any type of game, though the performance can be bad on mobile if you are not using a high-end device (if that is what your 2D game is intended for).

Yep, just take a look at Paper2d -> :slight_smile: