Programming video tutorial?

Unreal is older than Unity. Why is it that not much tutorial on Unreal c++ programming compared to unity? Ive been searching for a while for a video tutorial. You can see on Digital tutors that there is a lot of Unity tutorials. Is it because that unity is easier?

Unreal might be older, but as far as I am aware you have only been able to use C++ since Unreal 4, not in any older version.

Because only UE4 has allowed access to c++?

Also, there are ZERO tutorials for Unity that teach C++ :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh i see. Maybe I was thinking of Unreal script. So they just introduce c++ on unreal 4. But then Blueprint is just also new. Still there are a lot more tutorial on blueprint though

I uh appreciate your answer but I believe you didnt get my point. Maybe you are thinking that I am aware that Unreal4 just introduce the use of c++.

Thats because blueprints are more suited to video tutorials. Making a video about c++ is pointless as you won’t know the level of knowledge of the user and you can get most all you need from reading existing code anyway.

Did you have a specific question about c++? Maybe we can help.

I would argue that with video programming tutorials the flow of data is clear to see. A ready made example such as ShooterGame can be mindblowing to follow.

Hello. Thanks for replying. As of now, thats what Im trying to do. Ive been messing around the tutorial page and see what would happen. unfortunately, my unreal engine editor always stop responding after I remove a few line of code for example on my Pawn class, build it(doesnt show any errors) but then when I run the it through editor the unreal stops working.
Heres the thread for separate topics, maybe you can help.