Programming Project for Login/User(Save)Data System


About Us
I am the CEO of Elevated Gaming. We are a small game company in Estonia. We just got hosted by the local tech startup incubator, so we are in for a busy year.
The team consists of 7 people, of which 2 have worked on the project full time for some months.

The Project
We have finished prototyping our scifi CCG (card game). The next step is to create a login system and some sort of user data retaining system, so we can create a closed alpha test group and build upon the feed back. The login system is also the last necessary element for the game to be demo-ready. In addition, our matchmaking system needs a polish. Currently it is only LAN capable.

We need a programmer for this project mainly because I (as the only programmer currently) lack the skills and time.

Our current game is fully LAN capable and it should (!) be easily converted into a online capable game.

The Job

  • Create a login system that can be added to our game/server
  • Create a system to retain basic player data (rank, decklists, bought items etc.)
  • Make those systems somewhat flexible, so we can add small additions in the future (i.e. new data to be saved with the player)
  • Polish our current matchmaking system. Our initial goal is to simply pair any 2 players looking for a match at the same time.

Expectations From You

  • No direct skill requirement, you just need to able to do the things listed above.

The Pay

  • The payment is flexible. I propose a method, where we pay you at the end of every week for every part of project you send us. If you have any other requirements, we can find a compromise. Not sure if the project even takes a week.
  • Payment depends on the timeframe and flexibility of the final solution.

If you are interested in the project, send me an email: (or contact me here) and tell me:

  1. salary requirement
  2. your initial thoughts regarding the solution

Also contact me if you are able to do only 1 of those things. That is also welcome.

NB!: Final note: I do not expect anything super complex, however I expect some level of polish which I know will take me too much of a time to be able to do with the available tutorials etc.