programming problem

I am having trouble trying to learn c++ programming with unreal 4.
This message pop up and I don’t know what to do now.


I try open unreal 4.10 puzzle c++ but I get this.


Still problem. please help me to find away to make this work.

Thank you and hope the here from you.

Okay, this is saying that the .dll you’re using was built for a different version of Unreal Engine than the project and so the code cannot be used, and that it’s not able to do automatically update it. There are a number of different causes but here’s how I would start to go about fixing them:

  • Close UE4 and VS if they’re open (They may get confused…)
  • Go to the project folder and right-click on the UE4 project file and choose “Switch Unreal Engine version…”. Choose the version of UE4 you’re trying to use for this project and let it update.
  • Again right-click on the UE4 project file and choose “Generate Visual Studio project”. This makes sure the C++ project is up-to-date and will be working with the correct version of the UE4 Engine code.
  • Open the Visual Studio project from the same folder. Hit “Build”. If there are errors here then you’ll need to fix them before moving on, this is the stage where your .dll is being rebuilt and opening it in UE4 before it’s working won’t help matters.
  • Open the UE4 project and hit Compile. It should return very quickly as we’ve actually just built the code into the .dll, but it’s useful to check that UE4 is using the latest version.
  • Have a nice cup of coffee to celebrate. Some may view this as optional but I find it helps.

I try what you said all the way to were you warn me about errors.
I thank that what happen to me.
Here what the program said when I hit Build.

What should I do now?

Thank you for your help, hope to heir more from you.

It’s looking like there’s still something left over from the previous build.

Try going through the steps again but this time after you close UE4 and VS also delete the /Intermediate, /Binaries, and /Saved folders from your project so that there’s nowhere for the old code to live (Back things up first, always pays to be safe). Also instead of just hitting “Build” in VS open the Build menu and choose “Clean Solution” and then “Build Solution” to make it compile from scratch.

Hopefully this’ll work to remove the broken compile.

I try what you said but this came up .

When I try to load my game file up I get this.


I am really a noob at this.

Thanks for all the help your giving me.

hope to heir from you.

In VS, set your start up project to your game then build.
(Right click your game folder on the right hand side and select set as start up project)