Programming on Remote Win10 Computer Using Ancient MacBook Air

So, vacation time, and I love spending time with the family, however after a week I always realise I got nothing to do except eating and drinking. I remember back in high school I used a remote controlling application for accessing a friends computer once in a while, but I haven’t done that much since. I would like it to be possible to somehow put it into a sleep mode since my computer is a major component of my electricity bill already . . .

But is this even possible, and if so, does anyone have any recommendations to do it? It’s specifically with UE in mind.

There’s a way to do it: Get started with the macOS client | Microsoft Docs

But just note that it’s streaming an image between computers, 3D interaction will not be great

Thanks! I’ll look into that. I guess the performance-compromise is better than trying to do it on the Air anyway.