Programming for Responsive Robot AI for VR

Hello Guys,

I am a little bit new to unreal and programming in general, i am more of a 3D artists and was planning a project for my FMP(Final major Project). I was wondering if it is possible to programme a robot in Unreal to be able to receive voice commands and interact with users in VR, i.e. Shaking a users hands using the Vive controllers and saying “Hello”. Almost like a physical representation if siri in VR.

This project is to basically create a robotic AI(Artificial Intelligence) that users can interact with and speak to.

Is this possible in Unreal engine and VR and how would i go about planning it in terms of modelling, rigging ect.

Thank you

Yes, it is possible to program that with Unreal, but you will need to integrate some libraries and you would be a leader in the field, ie. you won’t find tutorials to follow.

For art pipeline, rigging etc. Look at the Documentation, there are plenty of instructions.

Why isn’t your final project Art related if your an Artist?

I am a 3D artists so i create allot of 3D designs and assets for unreal and my friend programs it,i wanted to know if this is possible i some form so i could develop a pipeline around it. And start working towards a showcase experience.
But thank you anyways for the fast response i will check it out. The key interactions would be mainly physical and speech based.

My advice is do something simpler for a school project that showcases your art. If your programmer is dependent on tutorials to work your chances of having a successful experience are low. The Robot setup would be the same regardless of VR or FPS. The UI would need to be different, controls would be different.

The speech stuff, the programmer either needs to write his own, or integrate a speech recognition library. It can be done, but for a school project, unless either you were told you have to do that, or if you already have a very good idea of how to accomplish it you are asking for fail.

Yeah i under understand what you mean, well i have a 5 months schedule to have some form of interaction between the Robot and the user in VR, not necessarily a full working AI experiences with all the interactive capabilities programmed, just primary Voice commands and response and “shaking the users hands”.

This isnt a project i will be taking on by myself, i will be working with a Unreal Programmer as well as other 3D artists

it really sounds like something meant for multiple programmers not multiple artists. UE isn’t meant for output in that way. Its definitely possible but with multiple artists and one programmer 5 months is still not that much time to do what you’re suggesting. Do any of you have electrical engineering experience?

No not that I am aware of, what about programming the Robot (AI) to receive commands and directions from the user in VR is this more simpler (commands as basic as speaking and picking up 3D objects in the scene); is this more easier to accomplish in the time frame? I work for a company that focuses on VR experiences so this project is more to prove the concept is possiblein unreal.