programming flight mechanics? (physics and other stuff)


I am quite new to working with an engine so I would like to ask you if a project I have in mind would work out with UE4. It’s basicly going to be a flight-sim, but i’m not sure if in space or atmosphere.
Here are some questions I have:

  1. The camera can be adjusted to move freely in a 3d room with no real “up” and “down” right? So panning, pitch, yaw etc. would work, right? I somewher read that this could be hard to achive. The demo project somehow doesn’t like the camera facing up or down…
  2. Is it possible to set the world center to the player so the world isn’t “limited”? I’ve read that this is a common thing with flight simulations that there isn’t realy a fixed world but the player is the fix point and the world is moving.
  3. can procedural world generation be achived with UE4? (Depends on how it’s implemented I guess but a hint would be nice. ;D)

That’s actually all I have to know, the rest should be implementable I guess. ;D
I hope you can help me with my questions so I can start with the project without having open questions like this. ;D


  1. Yes. I am working on a space game, and in space there obviously isn’t real up&down, or left&right for that subject matter.
  2. World will always be limited, but you can either use their new… what was it called? well, it basically allows you to divide the world into chuncks that load accordingly, allowing for as big maps as you would like. The downside is that it is singleplayer only. Other option is to downscale everything, maybe you only want the plane to be, let’s say, 25cm wide? (and enviroment scaled the same way). This will allow you to have WAY more “planes in a row” in the map. The con side is decreased physics accuracy.
  3. yes, absolutely it can! I havenä’t really done a lot of research on mesh combination, but atleast you will be able to spawn actors by an algorythm. If you go that path, you could also generate unlimited worls, by simply teleporting your player back to other side when he reaches bounds, and storing the “chuncks” as seed numbers in a bunch of variables.

Hope this helps, -DoctorPC

Hi, Thanks for the response. :slight_smile: Now, I only have to know how to implement that stuff. :slight_smile:

this tutorial will get you pretty far, and if you have any experience with blueprints, you should be good to continue from there :slight_smile:

(Moving it over to C++ is kinda tricky, and unless you’re on about some massive player amounts, unnecessary. Even a listen server can handle such movements in blueprints)

I’ve alread stumbled across this but didn’t noticed that he made the camera work like I wanted. I will go through the tutorial as soon as I have some time . :slight_smile:

I would actually like to use c++ for the programming so I can improve my c++ skills but then again, working with the UE should be more of a free time activity for me. :smiley:

  1. can be achieved easily by checking “Enable World Origin Rebasing” in the World Settings of your map.

  2. and 3) are also achievable, 1) is in by default and 3) well, needs some work to do dynamic lighting in a reasonable performance/quality.

regarding world gen. This is obiously a hard thing to do because you can’t realy use backed shadows etc. But I guess this would be the last step. :smiley:
For now, flying in circles is fine with me. :smiley: