Programming an Arrow Component?

In my game I want to have an editable mesh where I can adjust the position using the arrow component like the picture below.
I have added 2 Arrow component but now I am stuck at figuring out the logic on how to move the mesh based on the arrow I clicked.

I want the arrow to work just like the one we have in UE4 or any 3D program. Clicking a red arrow will move the Mesh x value.
Can someone please help me figuring out a way to move the mesh in the right direction?


The Mouse Y input will return you a value depending on how much the cursor has moved towards Y axis. I suggest you use that returned value to multiply it to the selected arrow forward vector and add to the object’s location.

Thanks, I will see how it goes.

Edit: OK i am really lost right now. Does anyone have access to the native UE4 arrow component source? How do the arrow actually works.

This is my blueprint ( I know I’m doing something wrong but I don’t even know what to do )

And this is the result…

I can’t multiply the value of Y with the forward vector cuz it will give a value between 500 - 800 and the object will just dissapear to a distance sky.

What can I do now? If I convert the 2D mouse position to 3D position will that work??

I still can’t get it to work. Can someone give me more suggestion?

Need to see how it works inside engine source. Need time for that, but I’ll have a look for you.