Programmers needed

Greetings Everyone,

We are now seeking additional programmers to help us make our next push. Our humble budget has grown a bit and we are ready to approach the community again to finish programming for our games core systems. Please PM me or send us a message to “info at

We need at least one experienced C++ programmer with a good working knowledge of UE4 (IE we’d like to go to PS4 after PC version is proven). Please get in touch with me for more details.

Cheers everyone.

Update: Bumping for greater visibility and to add that this is a contract to permanent position for those who are interested.

“additional programmers”
so u have a full team with artist,designer and lead programmers?

“to permanent position for those who are interested.”
does he require to be on spot for permanent position?

Hello Everyone, Still bumping, we need someone asap.

I’d like to know the answers to Muzaheed’s questions as well :slight_smile: What’s the current team size? Is it an on location gig?