Programmers & Game Artists for game in really early stages

hey i’m jara and i try to make a game.
im a game artists myself with not much spare time, but i hope some programmers and game artists can help me.
i’m still in highschool myself, so not much experience is needed for this game, aslong as it doesn’t look horrible and it fits in the style.
ofcourse there is profit sharing once the game is finished, which depends on us.
we’re gonna work with unreal engine and it will be 2D, also it’s gonna be a rpg game or a game like touhou, not sure online or offline or just a multiplayer option because yeah, i don’t know how far we can get it yet.
whoever wants to join can, as for game artists: share your portfolio with me, and i will take a look at it. don’t fuss about it too much, because u’ll probably be able to get in too.
some examples of what style it’s gonna be in:
so like u see, no creepy stuff and dark poop. it’s all gonna be really nice and sweet.
i have no problems with u givin these sweet girls some tough outfits, but it’s solid. i don’t want any ugly stuff in it (ok, most people find it very pretty, but i don’t want it in this game alright?)

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Then this is royalty, not unpaid.