Programmers, Artists and Animators needed for Innovative Action-Adventure/Fighting Game!

We’re currently two people working on a demo/prototype for a game that we hope to take to crowdfunding and/or pitch to a publisher. If funding acquisition is successful, we can bring people on in paid positions, so we want the demo to be as good as possible to really wow people, and so we need help to see that happen. I’ve basically managed to do quite a bit on my own despite my meagre skills, but I can only go so far on my own.

Currently we are offering rev-share, but with the potential for proper contractual work if we acquire proper funding.

Project Title:
Trapped With Us

Trapped With Us is a 3D action-adventure/fighting game in development in UE4, currently in the prototyping stage, inspired by games like Super Smash Bros, Kid Icarus: Uprising, Dark Souls, and others, blending melee and ranged combat designed to be easy to learn but hard to master, as well as unique dialogue and interaction mechanics. The premise revolves around the player working to free several fighters from across the multiverse who are being forced to participate in sadistic ‘tournaments’ for the sick pleasure of a mysterious being. The game is planned to have at least six playable characters at eventual release, as well as a full single-player campaign and multiplayer.

The ultimate goal of this project is to create an action game that is not only satisfying to play, but also provides a narrative experience not scene in games before with the aim of eliminating non-interactive cutscenes.


  • An intuitive combat system that mixes melee and ranged combat, with multiple characters and customisation options.
  • An interaction system enabling greater depth and flexibility than most action games allow.
  • A real-time dialogue system with the aim of making a full-fledged real-time interactive story, partly inspired by Half-Life 2.
  • In-depth singleplayer, co-op and multiplayer modes .
  • Stylised visuals, currently intended to be akin to Gravity Rush 2 (stylised cel-shaded characters, more realistic environments).

More recent character concept art:

Slightly outdated (as in, no longer going to be directly used) concept art:

**Team Name: **(Not a registered company yet)
Candescent Blade Games

Team Structure**:**

  • Candescence (Project Lead, Head Designer, Narrative Writer, BP Programmer)
  • Ethan/Breeze/Masteric (Programmer)

Previous Work:
First professional title.

Talent Required:

Programmer (C++ or Blueprint)

  • Generally competent in programming using Blueprint or C++.
  • Competent/experienced with the UE4 toolset and features.

Character Concept Artist

  • Able to fully realise stylized/anime-style character concepts in 2D art form.
  • Ideally should be able to create model sheets for use in model creation.

3D Character Artist/Modeller

  • Able to model and rig character models in any standard modelling format.
  • Experience with UE4 toolset a bonus.
  • Expected to be able to model and rig playable characters and NPCs.

3D Character Animator

  • Able to competently animate characters in a standard UE4-compatible format.
  • Experience with UE4 toolset a bonus.
  • Expected to be able to animate playable characters and NPCs.

3D Environment Artist

  • Able to model environments and props (realistic or stylized) in a standard UE4-compatible format.
  • Experience with UE4 toolset and the ability to assemble environments in UE4 a bonus.

E-mail: [EMAIL=“”]
Skype: candescencearia
Discord: Candescence#1529

Hi there =) i may be able to help out with some of what you need - have a look at my post Beat-Em_Up with guns 'n Gore - Unreal Engine Forums and lemme know if any of what ive done could be of any use