Hello, my team is in need of an additional programmer for our test level. The game itself is 3rd person survival horror game that is heavily influenced by the likes of The Last of Us and Resident Evil. We are a small team of professionals, looking to pitch some prototypes to established publishers in hope of securing funding.
For this role, the requirements are being completely adaptable, understand Unreal Engine architecture intimately, being self-driven and motivated, as well as being a complete team player.

  • Completely Adaptable: You’ll be working off existing code that our other programmer has already made. So, it is crucial to be able to understand his blueprints and being able to build off of them, as well as constructing your own blueprints. You’ll most likely be coding stuff well before receiving the art assets. So, it is imperative that you are able to code in a way that allows you to simply hookup the animations when they’re ready.

  • Understanding Unreal Engine: Self-explanatory. We’re using unreal engine, so you should know how to use it.

  • Self-drive: Also self-explanatory. You must have the energy to battle through adversity and continue on your task of helping create this test level.

  • Team Player: Team members will come to you to ask technical questions and you must be available to answer their questions. Not immediately, but relatively soon.
    This candidate must also be able to attend at least one of our weekly meetings. The candidate will also be expected to consistently keep communication up with fellow teammates. We use Discord to communicate.

Here’s a little sneak peek of what we’re working on:

This position is currently deferred, as we don’t have the funding to support ourselves and the project. The deadline for our test level is January 25, 2019, and work done beyond that date will be fully compensated. To reiterate, the candidate will be paid to work on the full game after funding has been acquired, but not to work on the test level.

Our team consists of:
2x animators
2x 3d modelers
2x level designers
Sound designer
2d artist
Concept artist

Engine: Unreal Engine

Email portfolio at

Don’t mean to be bad. But this advertisement is misleading. It says [Paid] - but actually, you’re asking the Programmer to work for 3 months with no pay, with the promise of pay when you get funding. So really it’s a Royalty project. Just kind of disingenuous - cos your using the Paid title to attract talent.