Programmer with Math and Physics Expertise

Looking to hire a programmer to R&D and implement features/updates to a library and UE4 plugin. Contract-based arrangement.

Math and Physics expertise is a must.
Knowledge in SIMD and multi-threading is needed as well.
Experience targeting consoles is a bonus.

Work will involve:
Researching and implementing an improved collision system in the soft-body simulation library. As well as adding support for the new Chaos system
Improving the development experience of the plugin in UE4, such as adding widgets and tools to improve usability within UE4’s viewports.
Improving performance of both, the simulation library and plugin.
Improving the volume-preservation constraint implementation.
Improving the “tearing” of cloth based soft-bodies.
Implementing the ability to skin soft-bodies.
Researching and implementing fluid simulation.

If you are interested in being part of this, currently one person, project, email me: .
Please include any of your previous work, your hourly rate and your approximate availability. And feel free to ask any questions.

Bump, have room for additional devs.

Bump, looking for an additional dev

Bump, still taking applicants

bump! support VICODynamics. haha Have you posted on unreal slackers discord? There are thousands of people there on the looking for job section

I have not, definitely will. Thank you!

Hmmm I think you should also team up with Lusiogenic he is quite good with unreal physics also :slight_smile: