Programmer seeks Blender/ Unreal modeler talent

Hello! Like many of you, I have a dream creating something great. Currently, I am pretty deep into making that happen and I think if I quit now Ill just kill myself (Just kidding). My experience runs along the programming side of games (Its what I’m best at and enjoy the most). 2 months into making my “Game”, Im still only working on the environment and the level (Its gotta be pretty). This has taken so long because I’m learning as I go. Then, it struck me. I realized there are people out there passionate about creating that may see this project as an opportunity. The Basis of this game is unique and guaranteed to be a hit if executed right. I understand if you read that and thought “Oh I get it, this guys an *******.” If you don’t believe me, I would still like to hire you for some contract jobs. **All in all, Im looking for a either a couple dedicated, passionate creators who want to make something, or someone who thinks they can help me optimize, and set the project straight. **
*PS: Im not saying the project is in a terrible state I just think it can and should be as perfect as possible. *
Thank you.

My email is
We can discuss the actuals of the game there.