Programmer(s) needed for 3rd Person Shooter

Project Title:
Vitality (Currently a code name, may or may not change)

64 player 3rd person shooter with the ability to toggle between 3rd and 1st person. The game will feature a variety of game modes such as Battle Royale (H1Z1:KotK, Arma BR Mod, Rust BR Mod, etc), team deathmatch, free-for-all with respawns, etc at launch. We will add more over time. It will combine the best of the most popular games out there such as giving BR a more competitive feel. The game will be developed for PC but with consoles in mind in case we decide to port the game over to console, eventually. We are purchasing most art assets from the marketplace and other marketplaces in order to speed up development. We will contract art projects out on things we believe should be completely unique.

Team Name:
Nuclei Games
We are a new indie game studio. I am funding this venture from my other business (outsourced IT solutions/Telex Technologies - operating since 2003).

Team Structure:
Trey B. (myself) - Project Manager/Blueprint Scripting
Larimie F. - Level Designer/Asset Placement
Garrett N. - Level Designer/Asset Placement
OPEN - Contract-Based C++ Programmer and/or Contract-Based Blueprint Scripting
OPEN - Contract-Based 3D Character Artist
OPEN - Contract-Based 3D Artist

Previous Work:
This will be our first game. I have made many small iOS games but never released anything. I developed them as learning projects.

Talent Required:
-For the programming side, we prefer Blueprint experience as that is what I am more familiar with. If you have C++ experience, that is fantastic as I’m sure we will encounter things that C++ is better suited for. I am experienced enough with C++ that I can look at code that is written and know what I’m looking at.
-For 3D artists, just talent in the area of creating realistic assets that we would see in present day (game is based in present day).
We aren’t terribly picky about years of experience. As long as you are confident and know what you are doing, we would love to work with you and help build your portfolio.


Accepted contractors will need to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Any work developed for our game may not be used in any other project, however the contractor MAY use the parts of the game that they developed as part of their portfolio/resume. A programming based example would be if you develop the item spawning system for our game. You could include a screenshot of the game and explain that you developed that part of the project. An art example would be using a static preview of an art asset you developed and saying that you created that art asset for our game. Provided the content you are using in your portfolio isn’t too revealing about the inner workings of our game (blueprint screenshots, code screenshots,etc.), you may use it to promote yourself. We will also give you credit on the credits section of the game for your work, unless you specify that you would like to remain anonymous.

Project Timeline:
-We have already began work on the game. In its current state the first version of the main menu is in, I can click Host game, and spawn into the map. The map is simply a landscape with grass and all of the textures. If someone else has the .exe they can type in my IP address and hop in with me. We can see each other but there are no buildings, guns, items, ballistics, or gamemode mechanics built in yet.
-We will begin outsourcing work between Jan 1st and Feb 1st. Programming jobs first and art jobs later on.

We can make payments via PayPal or we can go through a freelancing site of your choosing.

Skype: trey.buchanan

You guys can do this in few months. I’ve just built a prototype of game like this in 1.5 months, with 2-3 hours per day, alone. with features like:

  • Respawn
  • Weapon / health pickups + scroll-able inventory ( includes place-able landmines)
  • Health / Shield system + floating damage like in borderlands + damage zones (head, body, arms/legs different damage multiplier)
  • responsive crosshair
  • 1 secret system for battle royale type
  • everything networked (either server+client or dedicated)

I’m 8 years in IT industry, 1 year in game dev. Imagine few interns with 2-3 years exp. you can build this type of game with 3 programmers in under a month with someone leading the process.