Programmer Required To Build Cone Of Vision/Fog Of War


My team and I are working on an isometric 3D stealth game using Unreal Engine that requires a cone of vision/fog of war (not sure if that’s the correct name for it) created.
See link for what I mean…

The cone of vision will be implemented on the player revealing the AI and objects within the cone. The cone needs to be able to alter in size and shape when reacting with the 3D worlds environment (crates, walls, tables etc), similar to how light behaves but not using a light source but a dynamic mesh of some sort.
The cone will basically act as eyes for the player, used to look around and over object (while in cover), look through keyholes etc.

We have been scratching our heads trying to figure out how to do this so we decided to get someone on board to help us out.

What we are looking for.
• Have the ability to alter the length and width of the cone with ease
• The player is able to go into cover and look over low objects (crates, tables etc), the cone needs to be able to lift up the Z axis and look over - or appear to look over (long as its able to visually be used to see AI/objects over cover)
• Able to go vertical – player will be moving up and down the level (stairs, elevators etc), cone needs to be versatile enough to follow different heights
• The ability to toggle on and off individual objects that can be revealed within the cone
• The ability to toggle on and off objects that, once is revealed within the cone, stays revealed.

If you think you’re able to help with this, please PM me or email and we can discuss the game/cone mechanic further and agree on a price.