Programmer/networker for Kickstarter campaign


I’ve created on UE4 almost complete gameplay of multiplayer sport game. Game is build on blueprints. There is already:

  • advanced game mechanisms
  • majority of shell (UI, menu, save game etc.)
  • basic networking framework (already tested with Steam)

I would like to run Kickstarter campaign in about half year. I will finance it.
The idea for a game is not a copy of any existing game, it’s not a mobile game either;

  • it’s very original idea
  • advanced but achievable in short time
  • potential huge receivers group
  • experience of mine in this sport aspect
  • small workload with huge potential

Before starting the campaign You would:

  • install prorotype on dedicated server
  • test performance of networking
  • rewrite some things from blueprints to C++
  • gradually optimize netcode

Next stage would be creation of short movie for campaign and advertising it among youtubers and communities linked with this type of sport.
Before the campaign we would set-up a company.
After it you would be master and ruler of whole technical side of the game :slight_smile:
Work on prototype after hours.
After succesfull campaign we quit our current job and develop from Bali :wink:

I truly believe in this project and looking for passionate people who will believe also. Only for optimists!
Intrigued? Send me CV without detailed personal information or just write something about yourself.