Programmer needed to implement Xbox One specific features.


We have a finished product out on PC and PS4 (Welcome to Hanwell). However, we have run into issue after issue while porting the game to Xbox One. We don’t have a fully qualified programmer on the team so I have taken on this work myself and unfortunately I feel I have hit my limit and taken on more than I have the expertise to handle.

What we’re looking for now is someone who can implement Xbox One specific features and prepare the project for cert. Note, only work on the technical requirements to pass cert (such as account checking and controller swapping) is required, all content related work is done and the game runs as it should on an Xbox One DevKit.

We’d need to see proof of your ability to meet our needs before we can discuss the work. Ideally you will have worked on an Xbox One project before.

Payment will be an initial one off payment upon delivery plus 10% of the wholesale price per each Xbox sale (capped). I am happy to disclose our full offer to people with the appropriate credentials.