Programmer needed for sim/strategy game

Project Title:
Fishing: Barents Sea

We are working on a simulator strategy game about industrial fishing for PC. In this game you play as a fish boat captain, starting off with a small fish boat and a small cabin that you inherited by your grandfather who passed away.

The player will play in an open world environment over parts of northern Norway, maneuver his boat around the map to find the best fishing spots using fish sonar, radar and GPS.

We presented a prototype of our game at GamesCom 2015 and we are currently in a process with a major publisher, but we are not sure where we land on this yet.

More information about the game can be found here:
Gameplay video (of prototype):


  • Simulation – There will be some simulation aspects where we will do an advance simulation system for fishes, water temperature, where they live and breed!
  • Cycles and Weather – Day, night and moon cycles, seasonal time effects and shifting weather.
  • Fishing Boats – Four different fishing boats available, start with a small smack and earn yourself up to buy a big trawler.

Team Name:
Misc Games

Team Structure**:**
Gøran Myrland
Project Manager, Game Design and Marketing (Some knowledge to blueprint, photoshop, programming) - 3 Years

Duane Wandless
Programming - 1 Year

Mikael Fossum
3D Modelling - 1 Year

Gudsteinn Arnarson
3D Modelling - 3 Years

Jørgen Manke
Music & Sound, Co-Owner - 5 Years


Talent Wanted:
C++ Programmer/Blueprint Scripting

  • Preferable with experience with Ocean Project and TrueSky plugins
  • Gameplay
  • Effects

Misc Games

Skype: goran.myrland

If you are interested, please send some examples of your previous work or if you have any questions just ask! We are all working remotely.

Thanks :slight_smile: