Programmer looking for new project


beside my personal RTS project I want to deal with something different to keep my brain fresh, to learn new things, and to create more great games! :slight_smile:

So far I had 2 main projects: a free open source WYSIWYG world editor for 3DGamestudio (a contest 2nd prize winner tool), and the above mentioned RTS project I ported to UE4 last year. I have worked with UE4 intensively since Sept 2015, but started with it immediately in March 2014 (testing, completing tutorials, asking and helping Epic staff to fix engine bugs), so I have some knowledge and experience with:

  • BP and C++ programming, exposing C++ functions to BP, converting BP to C++,
  • UE4 game framework and source,
  • creating a fast behaviour tree purely with C++,
  • different pathfinder systems (navmesh, grid, hierarchical),
  • general asset workflow (static mesh, skeletal mesh, animations, textures, materials, flipbooks etc.),
  • editor tools (material editor, persona, static mesh editor, level editor, behaviour tree and blackboard etc.),
  • animation both from AnimBP and C++,
  • HLSL experience with DX9 that helps a lot in case of materials,
  • UE4 performance optimization, testing, bug-fixing,
  • basic modelling, skinning, rigging, animation tweaking (UltimateUnwrap3D, Fragmotion, Milkshape)
  • vegetation modelling (TreeIt), terrain generation (L3DT),
  • creating landscape, BSP for test levels,
  • and many more :slight_smile:

I would join any project interesting for me: historic, mythological, fantasy, sci-fi are preferred, I play usually strategy games, and not a fan of FPS. I have no experience with multiplayer, but it is an area I want to learn in near future (so please don’t expect from me a complex MMO server setup). My current pc is just over the minimum requirements of UE4, so I might have issues with GPU and memory heavy stuff…
Special area of interest: game AI.
Location: Mid-Europe. Age: 30+.
Weekly hours: 10 (flexible, beside job and my personal game project)

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I’m from Hungary too, by the way!

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Thank you.

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I think our game might be your style.

Thanks for the many great offers, finally I found an interesting project, hopefully I can make what I want :slight_smile: